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  • Pure Oregano Vinaigrette (350ml)

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    The Oregano Vinaigrette has been Wild Tangerine’s most popular salad dressing during our 10 years of restaurant operation and is still in high demand today. A unique blend of natural spices combined with the perfect amount of garlic creates an unforgettable taste and aroma that will have you coming back for more. You won’t be able to find this dressing at the grocery store, not even in the produce aisle!


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  • Chocolate Brown Rice Pudding (250ml)

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    This dessert was originally designed for a special customer who had a long list of food allergies with the intent of fulfilling her lifelong dream to eat a chocolate based dessert. Today, it’s an all-time favorite for many and also a life-saver for those with a restricted diet or simply looking for a healthier food alternative. Just so you know, it ONLY contains organic brown rice, Belgium dark chocolate, sugar, and water. Who would have thought?!


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  • Most Memorable Red Curry (500g)

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    Chef Judy’s red curry dish was awarded as the most memorable meal of year in 1999 by Edmonton Journal as the centennial edition celebration.  Today, the tradition of most memorable red curry lives on!  In fact, our red curry sauce is one of most versatile condiments around.  It is a great compliment with vegetable, seafood, white and dark meat.

    PS it’s vegan and celiac friendly


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  • Original Green Onion Cake (2)

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    Green onion cake is easily considered to be the most popular food item in Edmonton!  Based on century year old recipe, our 100% hand crafted version will proof that it is a solid true statement.  In fact, this cake should be treated as a “food craft” and savored with your heart and soul!  Since our green onion cakes are fully cooked, you simply place them on a parchment paper lined or non-stick pan and heat them up at 165C (325F) for 12 minutes.  Enjoy!


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