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  • Jar Jar Sauce (500g)

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    The concept of this “east meets west” fusion sauce is based on Italian Bolognese sauce and Chinese Spicy Hoisin sauce. It is also considered as a meal which contains all natural Alberta lean ground pork from Four Whistle Farm and perfect for a quick easy nutritious meal with pasta, noodle, potato or rice…even making a new flavor of tacos!


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  • Judy’s Famous Green Curry Sauce (500g)

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    This green curry sauce is packed with exotic, tropical flavours with uplifted herbaceous note.  It would definitely help your cooking to reach a new echelon.  It goes extremely well with seafood and white meat like chicken.

    PS it is vegan and celiac friendly


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  • Most Memorable Red Curry (500g)

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    Chef Judy’s red curry dish was awarded as the most memorable meal of year in 1999 by Edmonton Journal as the centennial edition celebration.  Today, the tradition of most memorable red curry lives on!  In fact, our red curry sauce is one of most versatile condiments around.  It is a great compliment with vegetable, seafood, white and dark meat.

    PS it’s vegan and celiac friendly


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