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Although Wild Tangerine Urban Cuisine is new to the scene at local farmers markets, its owners are far from new to the world of food. Brother and Sister duo Wilson and Judy Wu have been in the food industry for over thirty years, starting their first restaurant The Polos Café in 1992. Even today loyal customers still ask for Judy’s famous Crazy Toss! In 2004, they moved away from the fine dining atmosphere and opened another restaurant, Wild Tangerine, where the food was equally sophisticated but with a fresh modern twist. After ten successful years of operation, Wild Tangerine closed its doors with mixed emotions in mid-2014 when multiple-award-winning chef Judy Wu retired from the fast paced restaurant industry after three memorable decades.

Today, Judy and Wilson share their still much sought after creations at Wild Tangerine Urban Cuisine, where their delicious food is sold both online, at Strathcona farmers market (Saturdays) and South Common farmers market (Sundays).

Wild Tangerine Urban Cuisine is a premium quality food company that uses only the best natural and local ingredients to make “ready-made” food products through small batch cooking. Products do not contain any artificial flavours or colours and are made right here in Edmonton, Alberta with pride and love by Judy. Food is cleverly packaged to create a simple heat-and-serve system perfect for everyone – from the bachelor to the busy family. These food products are specially designed for those who desire a healthy eating lifestyle but lack the time for cooking yet still appreciate good quality food. Wild Tangerine Urban Cuisine offers a series of appetizers/snacks, soups, meals, side-dishes, and desserts that promise to bring joy and happiness (not to mention full stomachs) to you and your family.

Judy’s motto is simple, “really good food is still from the kitchen, not from the factory!”

From our kitchen to yours,
Judy and Wilson